Sunday, April 6, 2014

M i a m i

My first week in Orlando was absoluteeely great ! Nice weather, I spent few days training, in the evening did some groceries shopping, unpack, organized my new apartment with my new roomies Miss German and Miss Pasta. It's amazing how the universe conspired to make all my dreams come true ! While few months ago I felt like I wanted to do bigger things, move into a new place, start again from zero and work with new people, after trying lots of things and been through ups and downs, we never know where the failures gonna take us just when we almost give up. I remember those days when my best friend Safeena helped me at work recording new showreels for TV travel show, instead of working - she actually being really supportive helping me getting ready for my casting and interview with one of entertainment company in Miami. Unfortunately I didn't get the job, but I knew somehow I'm on my way to America. Well here I am.. Living the dreams, enjoying every seconds of my new adventure. Booked bus ticket ( ) from Orlando to Miami last weekend when I had four days off, stayed at South Beach hostel with Sarah and Enzo. Well, who doesn't love South Beach ? Clear blue skies, bikinis, palm trees, bars, cuban restaurants, hot chicks, couldn't think of any other places but Miami for spring break...

Friday, March 21, 2014

New York Express

Jakarta - Singapore - Narita - New York - Orlando

More than 24 hours flight to this unknown place I've never been before, to another big adventure where I have to start all over again from zero, meet new people, unpack, take just few seconds to breathe and realize that.. oh my God, i'm thousand miles away from home- well they said life begins when you're out of your comfort zone, right ?

So yeah when my friends dropped me to the airport, none of us believed i'm leaving Jakarta again to work with a new dream team in the happiest place on earth, The Walt Disney Company - Florida. The past 3 months have been crazy to say the least, I learnt to let go things I don't like and fffiiinaaally get something bigger i've always wanted. The hard work has paid off, I couldnt be more grateful to be surrounded by incredible people for their endless love and support. Sitting for hours in airplane was just the beginning of another great journey. Got few hours transit in New York, i decided to take the airtrain to Jamaica Station, then took E train to 42nd street to Times Square. The girl once again lost in urban jungle, between big yellow taxis, tourists, dreams, skyscrapers... Broadway definitely blew my mind away. The streets, the theatres and those billboards of Lion King, Matilda, Les Miserables offer so many dreams. Then I met Alessio and after walking for hours to 10th street at the 7th Avenue, we found this Small Bar, such a great jazz bar with bunch of multitalented musicians that made my New York minutes even perfect.