Tuesday, April 22, 2014



    While Orlando has been treating me well for a month now ( wait, a month already ?!  ), I've got nothing to complain so far but the health service here in America is just .... ughhhh #sigh. Have always been healthy, I'm pretty lucky I never went to the doctor, never really dealing with those prescriptions, antibiotics, medicines etc...until the shoes I bought from Walmart few weeks ago got me pretty serious infections on my feet, and I had to run from Walgreens pharmacies to CVS only to find the doctor who could  heal the swollen and infections. Believe me, it was  frustrating !
    Gotta hate to stay home on my day off while roomie Steffi Rabe enjoying the sun and good weather at Disney's Magic Kingdom, but oh well it's not bad at all to slow down a bit, take a little break, working on the new website and catching up on some readings and writings. Found some photos from Australia trip last year that reminds me of quality time with my favorite people in Melbourne. From one fine day at St Kilda beach, having fish and chips at the jetty then long chat at Brown Cow cafe with Rick , an unforgetable week with my Jade, Mel, Eden and David Cohen, until pizza night with The Hehirs and The Wilkinsons - talking about our good old times in Malaysia. It amazed me to think about every time I decided to travel, to book flight tickets to places I've never been before,  they were actually just the beginnings of great, unexpected and extraordinary journeys. Melbourne gave me a chance to reunited with some amazing people I've ever met in my love, to fall in love with the city, coffee, food, even the tram, to appreciate simple things, and to promise making my way back there soon, next year perhaps ?!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

M i a m i

    My first week in Orlando was absoluteeely great ! Nice weather, I spent few days training, in the evening did some groceries shopping, unpack, organized my new apartment with my new roomies Miss German and Miss Pasta. It's amazing how the universe conspired to make all my dreams come true ! While few months ago I felt like I wanted to do bigger things, move into a new place, start again from zero and work with new people, after trying lots of things and been through ups and downs, we never know where the failures gonna take us just when we almost give up. 
    Booked bus ticket ( www.gotobus.com ) from Orlando to Miami last weekend when I had four days off, stayed at South Beach hostel with Sarah and Enzo. Well, who doesn't love South Beach ? Clear blue skies, bikinis, palm trees, bars, cuban restaurants, hot chicks, couldn't think of any other places but Miami for spring break...